Read this before you start trading today!

  • US indices finished yesterday’s trading lower. S&P 500 dropped 1.48%, Dow Jones finished 0.46% lower and Nasdaq slumped 3.02%. Russell 2000 plunged 2.94%

  • Stocks in Asia dropped as well. Nikkei dropped 1.4%, S&P/ASX 200 declined 0.5%, Kospi moved 0.9% lower and indices from China traded 2-3% lower

  • DAX futures point to a lower opening of the European session

  • Bank of Japan dropped the 6 trillion JPY ETF buy target but maintained the 12 trillion JPY ETF buy ceiling. The band also expanded 10-year yield trading band to 25 bps (was 20 bps)

  • Germany, France and Italy plan to resume the AstraZeneca vaccine rollout today after EMA ruled that the vaccine is safe to use. Canadian authorities said that benefits of AstraZeneca vaccine outweigh risks

  • US officials said that high level talks with China in Alaska were substantive and serious. However, earlier reports suggested that talks are not going smooth

  • Ford will suspend some production amid chip shortages

  • Bitcoin trades slightly below $58,000 mark

  • Oil is trading slightly lower following a massive plunge yesterday. Brent trades near $62.50 while WTI dropped below $60 mark

  • Precious metals trade mixed – gold, silver and platinum gain slightly while palladium pulls back

  • CHF and JPY are the best performing major currencies while AUD and GBP lag the most

Oil took a massive hit yesterday. WTI dropped below the upward trendline and continued to move lower. Price dropped below $60 per barrel and reached a low at the 50-session moving average. Commodity managed to recover above $59 swing area but pressure remains.