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Product Forex – is a place where one currency is exchanged to another for an agreed price. Also, It is a non-centralized market where world currencies are traded ‘over the counter’. This means that trading is not under the supervision of the stock exchange and trades are fast and cheap. Forex trading allows you to speculate about the movement of currency prices when buying one currency after another.

Forex is open 24 hours a day, five days a week (Monday to Friday). The market opens along with the sunrise in Welington, New Zealand, continue with Asian markets in Tokyo and Singapore. Then It moves to London, before closing on Friday evening in New York. Forex is the world’s largest market with an average turnover of more than $ 5 billion a day.



The stocks are negotiable securities with which are connected the rights of a stockholder as a shareholder to participate in company management (right of participation and voting at the general meeting of shareholders), in profit of the company (right of dividends) and in the liquidation balance. This product often present securities whose divisive yield is not guaranteed in advance.

The stocks have nominal value, market value and dividend value. Stocks represent a share in the assets of a joint stock company resulting from the ownership of a stock. The sum of the nominal values of all shares equals the amount of the basic asset. The dividend value is the share of the company profit resulting from the ownership of the stock. Market value is the price at which the stock is traded on the capital market.



Product – The stock index is a statistical measure that measures changes in the portfolio of equities representing part of the total stock market. The investor monitors the development of indices in order to know in what direction the markets are collapsing or distorting. If the value of shares falls, the value of the stock index also decreases.



Commodities are simply raw materials. Most of the basic raw materials around us, such as wheat, oats, meat but also oil and gold. All of these are collectively called commodities. Commodities are one of the foundations of life on our planet, and as long as there is humanity, there will no doubt be a variety of commodities that will buy or sell millions of people today and daily.

The commodity market is perhaps one of the biggest markets in the world – because of the amount of bought and sold commodities – every is undoubtedly much bigger than the daily amount of bought and sold “companies” in the form of shares.

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