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We offer many payment methods how you can
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Wire transfer payment

Wire transfer is a method of electronic funds transfer from one person or entity to another. A wire transfer can be made from one bank account to another or through a transfer of cash at a cash office.

    wire transfer payment

    Main currencies:


    Through SWIFT we accept also these currencies:


    Debit\credit card

    If you decide to deposit by credit/debit card you will have to use only Visa or Mastercard. Firstly, fill the form which you can see after clicking on REALIZE TRANSFER button. After filling the form you have to click on button SEND and you will be redirect on the IPAY payment gate. In the gate you have to enter your card number, expiry month, expiry year and CVV number. After entering correct informations just click on button PAY.

    Deposit can be made in USD and EUR. If you have a bank account in different currency, then the deposit will be converted to eather USD or EUR.

    • Minimum one time transaction is 1USD
    • Maximum one time transaction is 500 USD ( if EUR then around 350€, depends on the rate)

    Max 3 Transactions per card/email in a day (last 24 hours)
    Max 3 Transactions per card/email in a week (last 7 days)
    Max 6 Transactions per card/email in a month (last 30 days)



    Please, make sure your card is set up to enough limit by your bank. If you will be sending the amount higher then your card limit, it will be sown “No Sufficient funds” . Then please contact your bank or go to your online banking set up area from your banks website, to increase the limit.

    0% commissions for deposit

    Any fees shown in the process will be paid by FXCentrum and on your trading account you will get your full deposit.


    Perfect Money

    Perfect Money – a new payment system was offered to the world which combines all the progress and best achievements of the global economists and technologists in the fields of electronic currency.

    Our Perfect Money accounts:
    USD – U23689395
    EUR – E24426620

    Deposit to your trading account can take up to 24h.

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