Partner program

Benefits of partnership with us

1/ Two types of partner program

Introducing Business

Introduce new clients to FXC

This is a special partner program between you and FXCentrum. As an IB, you can get up to 80% of the spread as your income.

This program is very suitable for organisation with own sales and retention team. As an IB, you take care by yoursef about support, registration and teaching about FXCentrum and our trading platform. That is why a good IB partner can earn up to 80% of the spread commisions from clients trades.

Every IB have a real time web login to manage the IB account and see the exact commision amount earned from the programme. Details will be send by email.



If you need some education about how to build and manage your sales team, or how to use FXCentrum´s platform additional tools for trading, just simply register and send us an email with your request.

When you have sales employees and account/retention managers who can provide your clients helping hand with registration and trading, this is a good solution for you.

For extra information and partnership details, please write us an email to with information about your company, years of experience in the industry, country target of clients and number of expected clients and deposits.

Partner Program

Share FXC benefits with your audience.

Affiliation is a type of a marketing program. It’s a program where a person refers other people to a certain business in return for financial reward. This is usually done through banners, recommendations, links or any other type of marketing collateral. 

Earn up to 1000 USD/client as a CPA  or build an ongoing passive income with up to 5USD/lot as CPL.

In Forex, affiliates refer potential traders to online Forex brokers. The referral works when a potential trader clicks a link or a banner provided by an affiliate and later on registers to trade with the broker. That trader is earmarked as a client of that Forex affiliate through whose referral link he arrived.


Types of Affiliate program:

CPA – Cost per acquisition is a type of commision, when you will get a reward, when the client will register to our broker and put real deposit. Details of conditions of payment will be provided by email

CPL –  Cost per lot is a type of commision, when you will get a reward every time the client will close a trade. This can create a passive ongoing income. All the time the client is making trades, FXCentrum is sharing the fees with you,

2/ Wide spectrum of financial instruments
3/ Latest trading platform FXC Platform

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